Press/Promo Materials


The following photos of Beauty and the Beast Storytellers may be used for promotional purposes for their performances or workshops. The photos may not be used for any other purpose without permission. Please credit Dede Hatch for the photography.

Please note that the photos are at print-resolution, and therefore will display very large in a web browser. Print for best results.

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The poster below may be used by those who hire Beauty and the Beast Storytellers for an event for their organization. To download it as a PDF file, just click the image. Print it on legal size paper and add the place, date, and time in the blank spot. If the presentation will be a public program we suggest you also add: "Appropriate for Ages Five and Up." Although parents will often bring younger children and most of them listen well, this caveat will make parents aware that storytelling may not hold the attention of their youngest children and that they should be considerate of other listeners.

In 1985, the American Library Association (ALA) began a tradition of asking some of the world's best-known celebrities to lend their images for use on large posters with a simple but powerful message--READ. ALA now allows schools and libraries to buy the rights to create their own poster with local celebrities. We worked for many years at Panama Central School and their fabulous librarian, Patti Lundquist, asked us to pose for one. ALA allows it to be copied for not-for-profit use, so feel free to make a copy if we will be visiting your school. Just click on the small poster.

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Newspaper Articles about Beauty and the Beast Storytellers

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