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The Cats and the Cake

Publisher Weekly says "When a dreamy-looking cake—slathered in pink frosting and decorated with blue rosettes—falls off a bakery pastry cart, two cats spring into action. “This is mine,” says an orange and white cat; “No. This is mine,” counters a black and white feline. The gainsaying continues until a red fox appears, enters the establishment, and intervenes: “You need to share,” Fox proclaims, sounding very reasonable. Seemingly helpful, Fox first breaks the cake into two portions, then nibbles on each to equal them out: “This is too big. I will fix it.” But after admitting “I can’t stop. You will fight,” Fox turns full attention on the cake remnants—even spinning the remaining bites on a single finger—before demanding the now downhearted felines’ gratitude (“This is mine! I helped you. You must thank me”). Henry’s (Snow Is Fun) ink, watercolor, and acrylic paint cartoons have scoopfuls of comic pep and are as bright as a freshly iced confection. Hamilton and Weiss’s (the Noodleheads series) dialogue balloons offer the repetition nascent readers need, along with humor that should elicit knowing chuckles.”

School Library Journal says "Told solely through dialogue with lots of repetition, Hamilton and Weiss (Noodleheads) bring a simple but outrageous tale alive. Artwork by Henry (Snow Is Fun) is done in ink, watercolor, and acrylic paint. Young readers will find it hard to resist Henry’s renditions of colorful cupcakes, pies, and cakes in bright and colorful hues.”